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How To Edit The Puck
by Evan

I have not seen how other hackers make the puck, but I just quickly made one that looks pretty good using Tile Layer Pro. Below are the screenshots that should help you find the puck (offsett is around 0007B000, 48% in the .bin file). The first shot is the default puck graphics, and the second shot is the graphics I changed. You will need to change all of the 8 puck tiles for the transitions of the puck moving around in the game to look good. You can play around with the shadow tile as well.

Default Puck Tiles

Edited Puck Tiles

Play around with the graphics until you're happy with how the puck looks on the ice. If I play around with this more, I will update these screenshots. If anyone has nice screenshots of their pucks in Tile Layer Pro, let me know so I can add that to this website. Thanks!

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